Yueda Spirit

Through the cultivation and promotion of the spirit of enterprise, Yueda Group continuously enhances the spiritual strength of all Yueda staff to improve themselves, constantly enriches the spiritual world of all Yueda staff , continuously maintains the spirit of all Yuedastaff to work hard, and encourages all Yueda employees to continue to move forward towards the grand goal of 100 years of Yueda with one heart and tenacity.

In the 30 years of development of Yueda, all employees have overcome all obstacles and strive to cultivate and develop the enterprise spirit of Yueda. Yueda spirit, the most outstanding features are work diligently, be down-to-earth, constantly strive to become stronger, surpass ourselves and pay attention to innovation, never afraid of hardships and always make selfless dedication, to aim for the highest and be successful. It is precisely by relying on this enterprise spirit that Yueda has removed one stumbling block after another on the way forward, set up one milestone after another, and created the Yueda Phenomenon that is concerned by the world, the Yueda Speed praised by the world, and the Yueda Effect that is amazed by the world.

This Yueda spirit is A strong driving force for the entrepreneurship and growth of Yueda Group, it is also the spiritual wealth of Yueda Group to solve this current structural contradictions and further rejuvenated, it is an important force for the future development of Yueda Group. The company will conform to the development requirements of the times and enterprises, and constantly add new connotations to it based on inheritance and development.