• Fenping Expressway
    Shanxi Fenping Expressway Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in highway construction, maintenance and management, and collection of vehicle tolls; Engaged in highway advertising and service facilities management. Investment and operation of 2 expressways. Ping is high speed highway network in Shanxi Province "ten on" three vertical and twelve horizontal ring is an important
  • Yueda Huijin
    After more than 20 years of development, Jiangsu Yueda Huijin Industrial Co., Ltd. has built a cultural media industry covering advertising media, commercial printing, automotive supplies, intelligent packaging, intelligent storage, modern finance, culture and leisure as one of the cultural media industry, as well as a comprehensive industrial system of equity investment in auto parts and after-sales service. Company now has 1 national high-tech
  • Yueda Network Technology
    Jiangsu Yueda Network Technology Co., LTD. 's main business covers cloud computing services, system integration and application, software product development and implementation, IT operation and maintenance and network security, etc. Long-term partners include Yonyou, Ali Cloud, Shenxin, Donghua Software, Inspur, Huawei, China Mobile, etc. The cloud computing center "Yueqi Cloud", built in cooperation with Ali, serves more than 30 enterprises an
  • Northern Industry
    Yueda North Industrial Development (Tianjin) Co., LTD., located in tianjin Port free Trade Zone, is engaged in parallel imported automobile business in Tianjin port. Mainstream models, including Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Senna, Pajero, Overroad, etc., have annual sales volume of parallel imported automobiles exceeding 2000 sets. Relying on the yueda group improvement trade, logistics, supply chain services and professional talent team, and yu
  • Business Management
    Nanjing Yueda Commercial Management Co., Ltd. was established on January 13, 1995, with a registered capital of 68 million yuan. It is a professional business operation enterprise in Yueda system. The main business scope of the company is: the management of commercial square, investment of major clients, enterprise management, real estate investment management, housing leasing business information consultation, etc. Yueda Commercial Building, t
  • Yueda International Hotel
    Yueda International Hotel is located in Yancheng Open Road North 38, convenient transportation, elegant environment, is a comprehensive reception capacity of the four-star hotel. The hotel has 18 floors of VIP building, 6 floors of welcome building and affiliated group building, 170 kinds of high-grade guest rooms (sets), 19 kinds of restaurants, 900 seats, with conference center, shopping center, business center and other complete supporting se
  • Yueda Logistics
    Jiangsu Yueda Logistics Co., Ltd. was registered and established in yancheng Economic and technological Development Zone market supervision administration bureau on June 27, 2005. Legal representative Xu Aiming, the company's business scope includes general cargo (except dangerous chemical goods) road transport; General goods (except dangerous chemicals) storage, etc.
  • Yueda Chengda
    Yancheng Yueda Import and Export Service Co., Ltd. is approved by Nanjing Customs to undertake international transportation agency business of sea, land, air and import and export goods in Yancheng Comprehensive security Zone. In addition, the company is responsible for the daily operation and management of the auto parts import trading center and bonded warehousing business in Yancheng Comprehensive Security Zone, and manages the yancheng cross
  • Yueda Supply Chain
    Yueda supply chain management co., LTD., jiangsu's main domestic and international cargo transport agents, cargo transportation (container), large logistics (category), general cargo road transport, warehousing distribution, import and export and domestic trade, supply chain management consulting business, is a modern logistics services and import and export commodities trade comprehensive enterprise. With the qualification of customs declaratio