Yueda Supply Chain

Yueda Supply Chain Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Yueda Supply Chain Management Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in international and domestic freight forwarding, cargo special transportation (containers), large logistics transportation (class I), general cargo transportation by road, warehousing and distribution, import and export and domestic trade, supply chain management consulting and other businesses. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating modern logistics services and import and export commodity trade. It has the qualification of customs declaration and qualification and first-class professional operation team, it is the international logistics supplier of Yueda Kia Automobile Co., Ltd., and it is the booking agency for a number of shipping companies, as well as a first-class freight forwarding enterprise filed by the Ministry of Commerce.

 It invests in Beijing Huatu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., accounting for 29.53% of the shares. Beijing Huatu Company is a NVOCC approved by the Ministry of Transport of China, it is one of the earliest and largest companies engaged in international logistics business in China to provide first-class rolled transportation services for major automobile enterprises, occupying the leading position in automobile export logistics business in domestic.